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Leithum khua hi Khawbung RD Block a awm a ni a, Champhai atanga kilometre 51 a hlaa awm a ni a, Leithum khua hi khaw fai lo leh bawlhhlawh ve thei tak mai a ni thin a, an khaw hruaitute chuan an ngaipawimawh em em  a, nimahsela hma han lak hi a harsa thei em […]

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ODF Plus Declaration Champhai District

Ni 12 August 2023 (Inrinni) hian Champhai khaw 4 Mualkawi, Kelkang, Dilkawn leh Zokhawthar-ah SBM-G team-te feh chhuakin heng khaw tarlanah te hi ODF Plus Model khuaah puan an ni. Community Hall-ah Gram Sabha kovin mipui tam thei ang ber an kal khawm. Mipui kal khawmte hi Pi Julie C. Mawii, Disctict Coordinator SBM-G leh […]

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One Day Training on 15th Finance Commission Convergence jointly organized by PHED Champhai and LAD Champhai District

PHED leh LAD tang kawpin One Day Training on 15th Finance Commission Convergence Ni 31 July 2023 (Thawhtanni) dar 11:00 A.M. khan Kahrawt Community Hall Champhaiah neih a ni. He hun hi Deputy Commissioner Pu James Lalrinchhana Chairman DWSM chu khuallian niin hun min hmanpui. Training-ah hian thingtlangkhua 42 atangin VCP, VC Secretary leh WATSAN […]

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Gandagi Mukt Bharat

As part of the Gandagi Mukt Bharat, 10 villages under Champhai District were requested to actively participate and mobilize community at all levels for promoting positive behaviour change on sanitation and hygiene. Campaign was also led by Village Sarpanches to collect and segregate Single Use Plastics. Activities on tree plantation was also organised

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Video Clip Competition

Since Social Media has become the most effective and fastest means of communication so, SBM-G Champhai District in collaboration with Health and Sanitation Committee, Govt. Champhai College organised Video Clip Competition on Sanitation and cleanliness which gains popularity among the people and promote positive behaviour change on sanitation and cleanliness.

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