Improvement & renovation of the existing water supply system at Lengpui Airport

Due to the recent activity of construction of side drain parallel to the runway, a large volume of excavated earth/soil were not only left behind but also deposited in the existing weir. Due to the heavy deposit of silt in the weir, volume of available water within the weir is greatly reduced which would eventually pose threat to the sustainability of water supply system for the Airport. Further, Due to deterioration of raw water quality by high turbidity, wear and tear will be increase on the pump set resulting substantial increase in the cost of maintenance and eventually reducing the life of the machine. Keeping in mind all these factors, Improvement & renovation of the existing water supply system is crucial for the Airport encompassing various components like Construction of a new Pump House, replacement of water pumping main and power supply line for pump house and construction of of pre-setling Tank to enhance efficiency of the existing Treatment Unit.